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Frequently Asked Questions

Morgenrood is a development that seeks to convert the original homestead that was built in 1842 into a 5-unit complex, while still retaining the original exterior structure or architecture of the house.

Yes, the plans were passed by the City’s town planning department and the developers have the go-ahead to begin building as soon as they would like to.

No, the developers applied for special permission from the City to renovate Morgenrood. Permission has been granted to carry out the plans you’ll find on this website.

In simple terms, an estate agent’s job is to connect the seller with a buyer. The developers want to keep the prices as low as possible and selling direct to investors is a way to reduce costs, while still offering great value for money.

The property will be divided into sectional titles, allowing each buyer to own their part of the original house. The City of Cape Town will then regard each unit of Morgenrood as individual properties, but a Body Corporate will still be appointed to arrange the day-to-day running of the development.

The developers are investigating plans to install rainwater and grey water systems to use Cape Town’s precious drinking water as sparingly and efficiently as possible. The original well point on the Morgenrood property was filled in decades ago, but investigations are underway regarding the installation of a new well point for the property. In terms of the building process and water restrictions, the developers will be consulting the City of Cape Town for their guidelines surrounding construction and water usage.

Originally from the Eastern Cape, Trevor and Liz Aspeling moved to Cape Town in the 1970s, buying and living on the Morgenrood estate since 1993. Both successful entrepreneurs, they have bought, renovated and built new homes for nearly 40 years. With Trevor’s gift for envisioning the future and Liz’s passion for interior design and antiques, Morgenrood has been their most exciting project to date.

Yes, Morgenrood is a pet-friendly development. Since each unit has a small garden, small pets will be more than welcome at Morgenrood. The City of Cape Town does have noise restrictions for barking dogs, so please bear such regulations and the comfort of your neighbours in mind when considering which pets to bring along.